Eliminating worm infectionsin sub-saharan africa and enabling the who's road map 2021-2030

About us

The eWHORM project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of African and European research institutes, universities and not for-profit organisations to make a major impact on one of the most persistent public health challenges worldwide: worm infections (helminthiases).

Affecting approximately 1.5 billion people globally, worm infections are various conditions that include growth stunting, impaired memory and cognition, blindness, and severe dermatitis among their consequences. By further developing and testing more effective treatment options for different helminth species, eWHORM will contribute to enabling the World Health Organization's “Road Map for Neglected Tropical Diseases” (2021-2030).

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Prof. Marc Hübner

University Hospital Bonn

Our mission is to assess the efficacy of oxfendazole for simultaneous evaluation against onchocerciasis, loiasis, mansonellosis, and trichuriasis. Together with some of the most eminent research and development partners and national stakeholders worldwide, we are looking forward to contributing to what can generate a profound change in the treatment and elimination of helminth diseases.

01 April 2023 start date
60 months of duration
7.9 Mil. € Budget
10 partners from 7 countries