Eliminating worm infectionsin sub-saharan africa and enabling the who's road map 2021-2030

Medical University of Vienna

The Medical University of Vienna is the largest medical organisation in Austria. Together with Europe's largest hospital, the General Hospital in Vienna, it is also one of Europe's most important top-level research institutions. About 5,700 staff members in 26 university hospital departments, 12 centers for theoretical medicine and several highly specialised laboratories work to improve the health of nearly 660,000 patients per year. About 1,000 teachers as well as some 7,700 students in human medical and dental sciences ensure the future of top-level medical care.

Role within eWHORM

The Department of Statistics will lead the design and statistical analysis of the clinical trial. Adaptive decision rules and a statistical analysis plan, informed by clinical trial simulation, will be implemented. A Ph.D. student will be involved in all activities and build capacity for basket trials at African trial sites. The Department of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine is involved in capacity-building tasks, such as training in molecular helminth diagnostics at African partner sites.

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