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eWHORM Partners Hold First In-Person Meeting in Bonn, Germany

eWHORM Partners Hold First In-Person Meeting in Bonn, Germany On July 12th-13th, the eWHORM partners convened in Bonn (Germany) for their first in-person consortium meeting since the project's inception in April. This was the opportunity to officially kick off joint activities and set the plan for the next steps in a convivial and vibrant atmosphere.

Hosted by the project coordinating institution, the University Hospital Bonn, the meeting provided the chance to dive directly into the work of the project with some dedicated workshops. The partners tackled a wide variety of eWHORM objectives, ranging from establishing the master protocol for the clinical trials to developing a virtual training platform and capacity-building activities. This allowed all partners to gain a concrete overview of the work awaiting them throughout the project’s 5-year lifetime while fostering fruitful exchange on the interconnections between each institution to ensure smooth workflows. After a short icebreaker, the partners also enjoyed a visit to the laboratories of the University Hospital Bonn in order to get a glimpse of the work conducted within the Institute for Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology, where the project originated.

The first day concluded with an on-site barbecue, offering dishes from all around the world and the occasion for further formal and informal discussions. On the second day, the meeting focused on the dissemination and exploitation activities of the project as well as the key issues related to managing such important objectives within the project. In the end, all participants were excited about the next steps and already looking forward to the work and the next face-to-face meeting in 2024!

eWHORM parners in Bonn, Germany
eWHORM parners in the laboratories of the University Hospital Bonn, Germany